Boost the efficiency of your Medical Practice

Hygiea EMR provides the tools you need to automate your practice and manage multiple clinics through the cloud.

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Hygiea EMR and Practice Management Solution is a cloud-based subscription service that makes this possible

Have access to all your patient records on any device! As long as you are connected to the internet, you have access to your whole practice online.

Be on top of your patient's condition from anywhere. Check patient queues before you even get to your clinic. View your HMO claims and payments in your pajamas!

Enjoy all these benefits without having to worry about data security, backups, software updates and technical support. The service automatically handles all these for you. No need to hire any IT staff or consultants. Just use the software. We'll take care of all the nerdy stuff.


Better Practice Management = Better Patient Care

Store and Retrieve patient records electronically. Track lab requests and results, patients' procedures and pre-exsiting conditions, issue medical cerificates and much more.

Let us help you get your patient records into the system for a seamless transition. We offer scanning & encoding services to help you migrate from your paper system to Hygiea EMR.

Customize the application to fit your needs. We understand that different types of practices have different needs or that particular physicians want information presented to them a certain way. Hygiea EMR's development team can customize your system to show and capture what is important to you.

How can Hygiea EMR help you?

Paperless Record Keeping

In addition to having access to your patients' records from anywhere, you'll minimize clutter in your clinic and enjoy the extra space currently occupied by your filing cabinets.

Stay On Schedule

Hygiea EMR's calendar module allows you to schedule follow-up visits, notify patients before their appointments, and block time and dates for conventions, seminars and vacations.

Customized Medicine Database

While it is nice to have a complete list of all medications, In reality, you'll only be prescribing a small fraction of them. Hygiea EMR allows you to store only the medicines you commonly prescribe and just add new ones as necessary.

Manage Your Clinic's Inventory

Manage inventory for items such as vaccines, medicines, etc. Receive delivery and make adjustments to your inventory levels across multiple clinics so you never run out of what's important.

Track Your Claims

HMO claims and payments can be easily tracked per clinic giving you a holistic view of your clinics' financial activity. Be informed of which claims are still pending, which ones have been paid, and which ones remain in dispute.

Great After-Sales Service

Receive personal training for you and your staff. Our customer service and support teams are friendly and always willing to help you with any issues or concerns you may have.

Enjoy these benefits and much more!

Ready to take the plunge?

See if Hygiea EMR is the right solution for you. We offer a no risk, 14-day free trial.

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Custom Packages are also available. Let us know your requirements.


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  • Up to 3 Doctors
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Hygiea EMR works on all devices. You can use the program on PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

  • No. You only have to pay the monthly subscription fee to start using Hygiea EMR. The only additional charge you may incur is if you avail of our scanning and encoding services to migrate your paper records into the system.

  • No. Hygiea EMR uses a pay-as-you-go subscription model. You can cancel your subscription anytime as long as you notify us at least 5 business days from the next billing cycle.

  • Our developers can migrate your existing data into the system as long as they are in a CSV, XLS, XML or JSON format and is accompanied by a data dictionary. Your current software provider should be able to give this to you or help you extract it from your system.

  • Yes. Hygiea EMR was designed for the common clinical setup here in the Philippines. Your secretary actually plays an integral role. Secretaries, nurses and substitute doctors can all use the system.

  • Yes. We understand that different physicians have specific needs or requirements. We want to make Hygiea EMR a perfect fit for you. We will try to accomodate customization requests but it will ultimately depend on the actual nature of the request.

  • The Hygiea EMR system is hosted on web servers that adhere to Republic Act 10173 - Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA 2012). All our employees have also been trained and have signed non-discloure agreements agreeing to treat your data with the highest level of privacy.

  • In the unfortunate event that you decide to cancel your subscription, we will provide you with a copy of all your data in either CSV or XLS format. The data you enter in the system belongs to you and will be removed from our servers. This data will be destroyed within 5 business days after we have given you a copy.

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